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Friday, March 20, 2015

Pictures from the Phoenix Squadron's Round Two Mission. The Imaginarium.

Photos from Phoenix Squad's Round Two Mission

Hello Space EdVenture Fans!
Our Farpoint Voyager Club is neck deep in this school year's Long Duration Mission program.  The five squads are flying their Round Two missions this month.  Phoenix Squad was on duty last Saturday.  They did a fine job indeed.

The crew just finishing up their training.  You'll notice some have headphones and others do not.  Coach Brittney and Flight Director Emily converse.

Apparently Carter was selected to captain the Magellan this round but couldn't attend because of the BYU merit badge pow wow.  Zeddy was "elected" to take the helm in his stead.  "I've been on lots of missions and never been a captain," he confided.  "I'm really nervous."

Captain Zeddy listens as Engineer Ryan explains his job.  Lauren is illustrating the term "Focus" at the Strategic Operations Station.

This is Marinn.  You'll see she's a bit trigger happy.  Her nickname, "One Shot Marinn" because that's all it takes is one shot to put an alien intruder down.  Nobody handles a phaser rifle like Marinn.  

Captain Zeddy is finished with Ryan.  Ryan's reaction to Zeddy's promotion is written all over his face.  Is that the look of confidence in his friend's command abilities, or is that the look of morbid fear for his own safety?

Capt. Zeddy rubs his temple.  He didn't admit it, but I think the stress of what he was about to do gave him a migraine.  Adriana's coat of many colors didn't help.

Engineer Ryan was kept super busy.  The Magellan was hit with a massive EMP at the end of Round One.  Ryan had to deal with the aftermath.

The Red Alert tells you that things did go wrong.  Things always go wrong at the Space Center.  Zeddy is seen above conferring with Phoenix Captain Zack.  Coach Brittney is seen above observing Zeddy's leadership style.

Zach manned the communication station.  He knew his Morse Code!

The crew working through the issues at hand.  Coach Jay is seen watching and listening to his team.

An answer from Starfleet Command.  Finally!!  This coded message kept Zack busy for awhile.

First Officer Jeffrey, Adriana, and Capt. Zeddy watch Adriana's sensor screen intently.  Something wasn't right......

A quick "time out" during the mission to discuss options

Affon manned the Damage Control Station.  He was a master at his job by the time this mission ended.  He's showing the fourth pen he ran out of ink.

Phoenix Squad Commander Zack looking at his crew with pride.   The Phoenix Squad did a fine job.
Zack had every right to be proud.

This is Jonah.  He worked the Chief of Operations job.  "Worked" perhaps, when he wasn't hiding behind his chair ;)

Marinn again with the phaser.  The crew ended Round Two at exactly 10:15 A.M.  They are alive - which is always a good thing.

The parting photo:  Zack, Ryan, Zeddy, Jonah, Marinn, Affon, Coach Jay,  Lauren,  Adriana, and Coach Brittney.

 All missions end with a debriefing and a donut.  Ten points from Phoenix for Jonah being noticeable OFF TASK  :)   This is so much like Hogwarts....

The Imaginarium

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