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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Lorraine Houston, Utah Valley's Newest Star! Natalie Anderson in the Flight Director's Seat. Welcome a New Voyager. The Imaginarium.

Hello Space EdVenture Fans!

     The Space Center's very own Lorraine Houston was featured in this month's Utah Valley Magazine!  The magazine highlighted Utah Valley's most fabulous 'lemonade makers' who have a zest for life and who serve up more sweet than sour. 
     Lorraine was one of the Space Center's first employees.  Her original assignment was to work in the Voyager's crew quarters and galley, teaching groups of students on the field trip program.  From there, Lorraine moved into the classroom half day and the Voyager control room and bridge half day. She was my second chair for years and years.  She became one of those indispensable people who made the Center a place of Wonder.   
     While I was the evil taskmaster and 'heavy' with the staff and volunteers, Lorraine became their champion, colleague, and trusted friend. Lorraine was their mom away from home. In those days, we did field trips and private missions just like the Space Center does today, but we also did overnight camps every Friday night throughout the school year, and one and two night camps every week all summer long.  This schedule kept our staff and volunteers at the Center for days on end.  Thank goodness we had Lorraine.  During those long hours she kept us sane with her kindness, gentleness, listening ear, and plates full of goodies loving prepared in her kitchen.
     Thank you Momma Houston for everything you've done for the Space Center family and the thousands and thousands of students whose lives you've influenced day in and day out in that wonderland classroom called Discovery.  YOU make a difference and we all love you. 

Your Space Center Family

 Natalie Anderson is the Odyssey's Newest Flight Director

Natalie Anderson is the sister of Space Center greats Alex and Brent Anderson.  Two weeks ago Natalie was given her Odyssey Flight Director pass by Odyssey Set Director Tabitha.  I stopped by to watch her in action on her first Saturday flying solo.  She did a fantastic job.  The Anderson family is amazingly talented.  Congratulations Natalie!

Natalie with her staff.  

The Farpoint Voyager Club Welcomes our Newest Member

Madeline is the newest member of our Farpoint Voyager Club.  She did her mission observations in the Odyssey and Odyssey.  I guess Madeline just loves the Odyssey :)   She is a student at Oak Canyon Junior High and loves the Space Center.  Welcome Madeline!

The Imaginarium

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