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Friday, March 27, 2015

DSim Launches the UCS Titan, the Newest Simulator in the Fleet. The Imaginarium.

Discovery Simulations Launches the Newest Ship in the Space Simulator Fleet - The UCS Titan!  

Hello Space EdVenture Fans,
The newest ship in the Space Simulators fleet was launched Thursday at Utah Valley University's Stem Fest!  The UCS Titan is the brainchild of Discovery Simulations owners, Skyler Carr, Casey Voeks, and Brandon Wright.  The Titan went into active service running short five minute missions for the thousands of visitors attending UVU's 1st Annual Stem Fest - a showcase of science, technology, engineering and math.  I stopped by Wednesday night after work to see how things were going for opening day Thursday. 

Nathan King was busy running computer cords through conduit. 

BJ Warner was inspecting things and inserting things - when I wasn't hogging his time with a barrage of questions about the Titan.   

I was amazed at how much was squeezed into such a small space!  The Titan can hold up to 16 crew - each with their own job.  You're looking at one of the stations above - each equipped with a computer and touch screen.  I really like what Skyler and Brandon did with the curved metal piping.  Very art deco I think. 

BJ Warner and assistant wondering why the computer wasn't working.   Most likely because I was too much of a distraction, bouncing from station to station, playing with the computers like a kid in a candy shop.  You know me and simulators.  I can't get enough of them. 

The Titan was built with generous grants from USSynthetic.  Casey Voeks is pictured above.  That smile is one of pride in a job well done.  What do you think of the trailer's artistic wrap?  Imagine seeing this going down the freeway.  

Now imagine it going down the freeway being pulled by the truck above, another new addition to the Discovery Simulations fleet.    

The Titan's control room is the smallest ever built.  It is just big enough for one person - and I mean barely big enough.  Sure cuts down on labor costs, that's for sure.

Casey and Skyler showing the back of the Titan.

USSynthetics donated the Stem Fest space to Discovery.  The area was big enough for the Titan and Discovery's portable planetarium.   Visitors could do a space mission and a planetarium show.  It doesn't get any better than that.  

The exhibit was swamped by school field trips all day Thursday and Friday.  I stopped by one more time this afternoon to see how things were going. 

I found a long line of people waiting to enter the Titan for a five minute video.  The boys at the front of the line belong to Brandon Engles' Lego League team at Shelley Elementary in American Fork.
Brandon is on our Farpoint curriculum team.

I jumped in to take a few pictures before they entered to do their mission.  

Titan's interior in its normal running lights. 

Friends, this is the future of simulations.  This small, portable, affordable simulator has the potential to bring the art and science of space edventures to schools and businesses worldwide.  Our friends at DSim have done a wonderful thing.  

The Titan is here.  The Titan is the future.   

DSim's StemFest team:  Jorden, Skyler, BJ, Jackie, and Casey.  

The Imaginarium

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