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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Jorden Osborn's Mission Call. Discovery Space Center's Awesome Interns. Nathan King Set Director. Skyler Carr Wins BYU Student Entrepreneur of the Year. The Imaginarium.

Hello Space EdVenturers!
A special event for a true blue Space EdVenturer occurred last Friday.  Jorden Osborn received his LDS mission call.  The actually opening ceremony took place Friday night. Sadly, it was not televised live.  This event required your physical presence to enjoy.  I was unable to attend, but have the tale as told by someone who was. 

 Jorden sat anxiously in the corner clutching a rather large and what he hoped would be a "heavy" white envelope. You see Jorden had heard that an international mission call was heavier than a state side call. (Exclusive info here folks: Jorden and his family had the missionaries over for dinner before the opening. One of the elders was asked to hold the envelope to try to divine the contents).  The Osborn family quickly cleared the dinner away and prepared for the mission call opening. 
Jorden had hoped to open the call at the designated hour; however he got a frantic text from Brandon Wright saying he was going to be a few minutes late and begged the gathering for patience. Jorden, realizing kindness and mercy were qualities of a good missionary, agreed and went into the bathroom to clean his hands after handling his phone.  Five minutes later, he walked out of the bathroom accompanied by the scent of bleach.  Brandon had arrived.  All was set.  His fingers ran the length of the large white envelope. Inside were papers which would affect his entire life.  There was a vibration coming from his pocket. Yet another friend was texting him that they would be late. Jorden promptly responded they had a few minutes and that he would not wait another moment longer. 
The Carr family arrived. Jorden thanked them for gracing the humble Osborn home with their presence. Skyler replied they had nothing better to do.  Jorden escorted them into the room where most of the people had gathered.  Earlier in the evening, his mother had put a map of the world on the wall for people to mark.  Jorden looked at the guesses and took a deep breath.  Where was he going to be for the next two years?  The envelope sat patiently on the table, refusing to give up its secret. 
There was a tap on Jorden's shoulder. The friend had arrived - everyone was present and accounted for.  Jorden picked up the envelope. "ITS TIME TO OPEN THE CALL," he shouted to his family and friends.  He slowly opened the call.  "Shouldn't we say a prayer?" one of the more religious in the gathering suggested.  Jorden thought for a second and agreed.  He looked the group over for someone he knew would keep a prayer short and sweet, something akin to blessing of the food. Casey Voeks was the perfect candidate. Casey prayed that the blessing would nourish and strengthen them (see what I mean).  At the "Amen" Jorden ripped the envelope apart.  Thoughts rushed to his head as he stared at a blank paper. Someone told him to turn it over. He began to read - and there is was - the Hamilton, New Zealand Mission.  He reports to the Hamilton MTC in July.
On behalf of all the Troubadours world wide I offer my congratulations to our friend, Jorden Osborn.  Lucky are those New Zealanders who open their doors to this dedicated, talented (humble.... hummm - but you can't have everything can you) young man.

Mr. Williamson 

Today's Picture of the Day

Meet two of Discovery Space Center's outstanding interns as they prepare for an away mission. Logan is on the left being expertly handled by Cambry - make up artist extraordinaire.   These two are dedicated to their volunteering work.  Rarely do I stop by on a Saturday and not find them both hard at work doing everything required to ensure Discovery Space Center's customers have a great time.

Saturdays are special days for me. I stop by both Space Centers to see how this program so many of us have worked heart and soul for over two decades is being developed under the care and direction of those who trained under me. I also enjoy meeting the young staff, volunteers and interns at both Centers. These young people understand our collective vision and give it 100%.  Let's just say it warms this old heart to see these young people hard at work making magic happen.

Nathan King Named Atlantis Set Director  

Congratulations are due Nathan King, a long time Space EdVenturer, for rising through the ranks at both Space Centers. He can now boast of a ship of his own - Discovery Space Center's Atlantis.  

I enjoy sitting in the Atlantis Control Room watching Nathan direct his missions.  He is talented and handles the Atlantis like a mastercraftsman handles his tools.  I can tell the interns and other staff enjoy alongside him. He treats everyone with kindness and respect. Again, I'm amazed at the talent these young people have.  Congratulations Nathan.     

Discovery Space Center's Skyler Carr Wins BYU's Student Entrepreneur of the Year

Huge shout out to Skyler Carr for winning BYU Student Entrepreneur of the Year for his work at the Discovery Space Center.  Standing with Skyler are DSC's other co-founders, Casey Voeks and Brandon Wright.  

The Imaginarium

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