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Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Long Duration Mission's Round One Top Squad Announced. DSC Goes to STEMFest. The Imaginarium.

Farpoint's Scorpio Squad is Named Top Squad in the First Round of the 2015 Long Duration Mission

     The first round in the Farpoint Voyager Club's 2015 Long Duration Mission program ended yesterday with the Kraken Squadron completing their mission.  I drove to Renaissance Academy after the mission to prepare for our club's 12:00 P.M. meeting.  Rarely does anyone beat me to the school on a meeting day.  Today was one of those rare occasions. A few cadets from the Nautilus Squad were sitting outside huddled in blankets patiently waiting for me to open the door; that's dedication.
Either that, or it was the only time they could get a ride.  I should have asked. 

Before announcing Top Squad, I divided the cadets into three groups.  The groups rotated through three stations, each taking 20 minutes.  Emily used my classroom to cover need to know mission details to prep the cadets for the second round of missions starting next Saturday.  Most of the Prometheus Squad were attentive as seen in the photo above.  The Prometheus Squad welcomed a new member into their team.  Bronson is see in the brown hoodie flashing the V for Victory sign.    

Brittney was the moderator in a team building exercise.  This year's LDM consists of five squads of highly motivated, intelligent, and creative cadets.  Working well as a team is the common weakness running like a thread through all their round one missions.  Brittney is the club's Super Coach.  She wants each team to work perfectly together by the time they reach the eighth and final round of the LDM in May.   You see the Kraken and Nautilus Squads in the photo above and below.    

Alex Debirk is an LDM curriculum writer. He put the cadets through the wringer in Round One with a few heavy duty math problems related to the storage of Romulan fuel onboard the Magellan.  Some squads did better than others, as was to be expected. 

Alex is seen above preparing the cadets for Round Two's complicated math problems.  This round finds the cadets and their starship mired in misfortune.  Communication with Starfleet Command using regular methods is a non starter at the moment.  The only viable solution is to somehow turn the ship without thrusters (those are out as well.... don't ask) and, using the ship's deflector dish, communicate with command using morse code.  The math is embedded in using pressurized air to accomplish the turn.  Highly complex is an understatement.  We shall see what the cadets do with this problem. 

Alex had their almost 100 percent attention.  My iPod is always a distraction.  Notice Sam has his phone up for recording purposes.  That's the Nautilus Squad for you. I don't think the cadets in the Kraken Squad are old enough to have cell phone of their own :)

A space and time VIP paid a visit during our meeting yesterday.  His Tardis was neatly parked in the corner of my  classroom.  

Now for some sad news. The Dalek peering from behind the Tardis successfully fired a few rounds before The Doctor could intercede.  Jonah and Zeddy were hit (Phoenix Squad - the two boys sitting on the front row). They may recover, but will they be themselves?  On the other hand, perhaps a neuron disruptor blast will end up doing them some good.  At least it couldn't hurt. 

The meeting ended with my announcement of Round One's Top Squad.  Everyone gathered in the Roussou Room. I stood at the front, got everyone's attention and spoke.  "Round One's Top Squad is....................  The silence in the room was broken with a cadet drum roll on the desk tops.  
The squads were all within 10 points if each other, it was that close.  Congratulations Scorpio, and congratulations to all our other squads for a job well done. 

Mr. Williamson 

Scorpio's Round One Bridge Positions.

Brently: First Officer
Nathan: Security
Trey: Damage Control
Cooper: Communications/Counterintelligence
Livvy: Engineer
Dalton: Strategic Operations
Megan: Chief of Operations / Flight Control
Caden: Surveillance
Cody: Support

Discovery Space Center To Participate at 

UVU's STEMFest this Month

The Starship Leo at Lakeview Academy
Utah's very first STEMFest is taking place this March.  Discovery Space Center will be attending to showcase their very first MOBILE SIMULATOR - the UCS TITAN.  The Titan is equipped with touch screen monitors, it has 15 crew stations, and its computers have the most advanced control set ever created.  This is an event you don't want to miss.
Entrance is free but space is limited.

The Imaginarium

I don't believe this cheese cake will ever expire.

Not your typical Barnes and Noble is it?

Never let anything mechanical know you are in a hurry.

Creative Advertising and a Public Service.

Brought to you by the Chocolate Growers of Earth.

Go Ahead.  Make his day.

A solar powered outdoor lounge chair

street art.

The only bus I'll take when not in a hurry.

It's called, "Outside".  Its that place your Mother tells you to go to all the time.

I knew there had to be a use for those discarded breath mint containers.

 Give that man a raise!

A Trailer Park.

Decorations compliments of soda bottle caps.

There was a malfunction in the Space Time Continuum Today.
Do not panic.  All will be well.
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