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Monday, March 9, 2015

Nautilus Starts Round Two of the Long Duration Mission. The Imaginarium.

The Nautilus Squad Takes the Lead in Round Two of the Long Duration Mission

The Nautilus Squad took the Farpoint Voyager's out of the gate with an outstanding performance in the first Round Two mission of this school year's Long Duration Mission on Saturday.  

The Crew
Captain:  Ari
First Officer:  Nolan
Chief of Operations:  Kayla
Surveillance: Sam
Strategic Operations:  Andrew
Engineer:  Lissa
Counter Intelligence:  Lindsey
Communications:  MacKenzie
Damage Control:  Drake
Security:  Marcus
Support:  Marissa and Brylee

They did an outstanding job calculating the math for the air release (refer to the lesson Alex DeBirk taught at the last club meeting two Saturdays ago).  Their findings were presented to Alex before boarding the ship.  Emily took a few minutes to remind them of their mission objectives.  I followed up with a review of their last performance in Round One.  With all that said, they donned their uniforms and ventured into the abyss. 

As you can see from the photo above, the crew had a few problems with electricity thanks to the EMP blast they took at the end of their first mission.  What you don't see is the crew working frantically trying to get their systems online.  

In this photo, you see Drake at Damage Control looking frazzled as he navigates through reams of paperwork.  Anyone volunteering to be Damage Control after having suffered an EMP blasts needs to have his or her head examined.  

In the photo above you see (well, you would if they had their power back online) the crew working skillfully at their stations.  Then....... 

There was some power.  A muffled cheer broke their concentration.  Optimism replaced the ominous feel to the start of the mission.  There was hope that not all was lost and that they could work their way out of the pickle they had gotten themselves into.

Frankly, I don't know how they did it.  I had enough trouble keeping notes in the dark.   

I'd like to go into more detail on the mission and what the Nautilus accomplished, but that would be giving too much away and Nautilus wouldn't be happy with me.   Needless to say, they are alive and well at the end.   

     The Nautilus Squad at the end of Round Two.  All seem happy except Ari.  She was the captain this time around and did a fine job - so there should be a smile. It's lonely sitting in the command chair knowing the buck stops with you.  I'll say it again - Ari did the best she could with the situation handed to her.  She set the standard for this round. Let's see how the other captains deal with the dilemmas.
     As an LDM staff, let me repeat how much we appreciate the Nautilus Squad.  They chose to be the first in every round, which makes them our guinea pigs. I'd like them to know there are allowances made for that in the scoring.  
     Nautilus has left the bridge. Phoenix takes the bridge on Saturday.  I'm anxious to see how they deal with the problems at hand.  

Mr. Williamson

The t-shirts have been ordered.  You should have them for your Round Three missions.      
The Imaginarium

A very interesting piece of art in the local art gallery.

Always leave them guessing.

You're walking through the forest on your way to the campsite.
Then, off in the distance, a noise.
You turn.
"Hello," a young girl says.  "We've been watching you."

Of course we all want Hans Solo frozen in carbonite for our living room coffee table.

A once in a lifetime event coming up on Tuesday.
Our other sun makes an appearance.

One of the hardest decisions you'll ever have to make.

I need one of these for my Battlestar.

I'm moving toward the "Pull 'em up" stage of life.

Don't put your parents through this.  
Study hard, get good grades and get those scholarships.

This is yet another item on my wish list.
Creativity: A

An adjusted sign welcoming people to a university.

Brilliant advertising for tires that truly hug the road.

Clever: Yes.
Safe:  Not on your life.

It was weird hair day at her school.

Brilliant logo.

Awesomely creative main gate.

Home and Bart in the flesh.

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