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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Casey Voeks' Secret Revealed. Two More Awesome Individuals Honored by Local Magazine. Megan Warner Reactivated. The Imaginarium.

Casey Voeks Has Done the Impossible! His Secret Identity Revealed.       

     I believe I know how Casey Voeks has done the impossible by finding a way to work 30 hours in a 24 hour day.  The physics of time manipulation is Greek to me, but evidently not to Casey.  Look at the evidence below - it's something he posted on his Facebook page in regards to his work at the Discovery Space Center.    

    Casey seemed unconcerned about the number of responses he was getting to such a generous offer. I know how busy my friend is and couldn't think of a way he was going to honor those requests. Then it dawned on me.  Casey is a Time Lord, able to manipulate the ebb and flow of time to suit his needs.  The next question that came to mind was how he was able to manage time.  The only possible answer was with a Tardis. We know Dr. Who uses a British police phone box as his.  Casey must use his car. If you'd like to see a real, honest to goodness Tardis, drive through the Discovery Space Center's parking lot and look for a late model, unassuming, goldish, Japanese sedan with Mia Love bumper stickers.
     We are on to you Casey.  So, being the one who outed you, may I formally put my name on your short list as a potential travelling companion?  I make for good conversation and know my history better than the average bloke.  Would it help if I promised not to talk too much?

Mr. W.

Two More Space EdVenture Fans Honored by Local Magazine

     Utah Valley 360 Magazine deserves praise for discovering one of the state's best kept secrets - the talented, dedicated, community minded, giving, loving, and altruistic people who associate themselves with our Space EdVentures community.
     Yesterday, The Troubadour put Lorraine Houston in the spotlight.  Applause was deserved and applause given by hundreds of our fans across the state and country.  Today The Troubadour brings two others to center stage who were also featured in the same issue.

Chris Alldredge
     Chris is a member of the Space EdVentures Foundation's board of directors (which sponsors and oversees the Farpoint Voyager Club and the Long Duration Mission program).  He is a former teacher and Magellan flight director - and we're talking the very first Magellan from years ago.  He is a gifted educator, artist, curriculum writer, and exemplary home teacher to my niece and her family.
He and his equally talented and charming wife Heidi, were one of four couples featured in this month's issue of Utah Valley 360. 
     Congratulations Chris and Heidi!


Jennie Johnson

     I've had the pleasure of knowing Jennie for two years now.  Rarely do I find someone capable of working me under the table.  Jennie is such a person.  She the owner of Stone Gate Reception Center and an owner of Discovery Simulations, the parent company of the Discovery Space Center located at Stone Gate.  Jennie is in the Space EdVenture business.  She shares our vision for experiential education and the power it brings to learning.
Congratulations Jennie!

Former Space Center Director Appears Out of Thin Air at the Space Center.  Transporters Do Exist.   

     Megan Warner and I share something in common, we are both former directors of the Space Center.  I retired from that position and hung my teaching shingle outside of Renaissance Academy in Lehi where my colleagues and I are helping Renaissance build the new Voyager, soon to be Utah's finest starship simulator, scheduled to open in June.  We were in a planning meeting yesterday afternoon when suddenly, and without warning, Megan Warner, accompanied by Marissa Burkett, walked into my classroom - seemingly out of the blue.  We warmly greeted this Space Center legend and offered a chair.  Apparently, Megan is vacationing from her jobs in California.  She heard we were meeting and decided to 'beam' in to offer her services.
     You've all heard me say time after time, "When we need help, the right person always walks through the door."  Megan walked in at the right time.  I reminded her of the 'Reactivation Clause' which hangs over the heads of all former Space Center staff and volunteers.  She said she was aware of the clause and its ramifications.  "So, you came to this meeting knowing that once we set eyes on you, we might reactivate you and put you to work?" I asked.
     "Yes," she replied.
     "Then consider yourself reactivated.  It's time to get to work."  And with that, Megan was given a list of assignments all related to our Farpoint Voyager Club's Long Duration Mission program.
     Megan was spotted again at the Space Center later that afternoon.  I found her sitting in Mr. Porter's chair in the Space Center office enjoying a light lunch.  She looked at home.  "Does Mr. Porter have anything to worry about?" I hesitated to ask, but someone had to.
     "You mean because I'm sitting in his chair?" she responded.
     "Got it in one," I replied.
     "Are you asking if I'd like to have this job back?" she probed.
     "You said it, not me." I heard movement from behind.  I turned around and saw Jon Parker, CMSEC assistant director.  He was hiding something behind his back.  It looked like the handle of a Magellan phaser.  Megan looked at Jon.  Jon looked at Megan.  Moisture formed on his forehead.  His upper lip started twitching.  There was a long, awkward pause.
     "Answer the question." Jon's voice quivered.
     "I live in California, does that answer your question?"
     Jon looked relieved.  "Oh, I heard you and Bossman talking about being reactivated and assumed...."
     "Jon, never assume," I interjected.  "Megan has been reactivated to work with us in the Voyager Club.  There are several things she can do from California to help us further the cause.  Now go put the phaser back in the armory and check on your missions while Megan and I talk shop."
     Jon walked away mumbling something about only doing his job.  Megan and I talked long duration missions and life went on at the Space Center.

Mr W.

The Imaginarium

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