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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Pictures from the Last Rounds of Long Duration Missions. Meet our Newest Farpoint Voyager. Space News. The Imaginarium.

Round Two of This School Year's Long Duration Missions Comes to an End

Early this morning Team Kraken completed their round two mission in this year's Long Duration Mission.  Kraken was the last of our five teams to finish round two.  Round three starts after Spring Vacation.  
Earlier in the week the Prometheus Squad did their round two mission.  Before them was the Scorpio Squad.  I'm behind in posting pictures from the three teams so here they are all at once.  

Troops, I present the last of our five squads in pictures.

The Scorpio Squad reviews their jobs before the start of their mission.

Scorpio coaches Dave Daymont and Brittney VandenBos confer with Emily, Farpoint Voyager's official LDM flight director and all around know it all.  

There seems to be some kind of disagreement between Strategic Operations and Security.  

Dalton and Cooper work through a complicated coded message at the communication station.

Scorpio Squad pose for their team photograph after having successfully finished Round Two. 

Prometheus Squad

Prometheus Squad did their LDM last Thursday.

 And that's all I have from the Prometheus Squad. I left the mission early to attend a family birthday.
I'm told they did very well.  

Kraken Squadron

 Team Kraken flew their round two mission early this morning.  Another fine job from a talented crew.

Things went south quickly as intruders fanned out through the Magellan.  First Officer Dakota hides from incoming phaser fire while Sensor Officer Noah bravely mans his station with no concern for his personal safety  :)

Kraken Security was ready with his phaser.  Unfortunately Ben was stunned shortly after the picture was taken.

At least he didn't go down without a fight.

Travis going through his breathing exercises.  It's his way of calming down and focusing before a mission :)

Noah delivering more bad news to Captain Orion.

Travis and Colin hard at work in the engineering bay.

 Team Kraken at the end of their Round Two mission.  Kevin looks off into the distance wondering what will be......

 Meet the Newest Farpoint Voyager

This is Colin.  Colin is the newest member of our ever growing Farpoint Voyagers Club. He finished his observations last Saturday, passed his grueling interview afterwords, and got approved for membership by our panel of experts (namely me).  Colin is a student at Highland Elementary.  His two older brothers were also volunteers.  "I know what I'm getting into," he answered when I asked why he wanted to be a Voyager and a Space Center volunteer. Colin joined the Kraken Squad for the LDM program.  

Welcome to the Farpoint Voyagers Club!

Space News
By Mark Daymont
Farpoint Educator

50 Years Ago: Ranger IX Crashes into the Moon

Last of the Ranger probes, Ranger IX.

Quickly following the successful flight of Gemini 3 the day before, NASA scientists were busy crashing a probe into the lunar surface - on purpose. Ranger IX was the last in the Ranger series of Lunar Exploration probes designed to give scientists close up video and pictures of potential landing sites. On March 24, a final use of thrusters precisely tilted the spacecraft for maximum camera use and the craft plunged to its impact site in the crater Alphonsus. The speed of the crash was at about 8,800 feet per second.

Ranger image of the floor of the crater Alphonsus before impact.

The Imaginarium

A very tall man's business card

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