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Monday, January 31, 2011

And for Monday...

Hello Troops,
It's a Monday and the start of another work week. Just a few random pictures to start the week off right.
The title picture is fitting when one considers the news coming from the Middle East. We have the Old Guard slightly unerved by their nation's young. We have a new generation of young people who realize they don't have to accept the injustices their parents tolerated. They demand democracy, and as a result, we hear the dominos falling. First Tunisia, now Egypt and then what? We live in interesting times.

I realize America's young rarely have time for news, considering all the demands for your attention (I realize asking you to cut some of your Facebook time for the news is going too far), but I feel strongly that you should. Take a moment and read about the events that are unfolding in this unstable part of the world. It will affect you in some way.

I always wondered where falling stars came from. Now the only question left to ask is why I hadn't realized this before....

What's wrong with this picture? That's right, it's missing Pleasant Grove. And what would be used to illustrate our lovely little town in the back woods of Utah? Some might vote for the Purple Turtle, while the more intelligent among you would insist the Space Center is the best representation of what makes Pleasant Grove unique.

So how do you vote? Purple Turtle or The Space Center?

And finally, Wall - E - Star Wars Style......

Have a Great Evening Troops,
Mr. W.
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