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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fascinating Space Center News. Mr. Williamson and Others

Hello Troops,
Just another Saturday at the Space Center. Our Overnight Camp ends in a little more than thirty minutes. I'm at my desk in the semi darkness typing this post while landing parties sulk and creep around me on their way to alien worlds and derelict ships (all magically housed on our simple school stage, propped with chairs and PE equipment. We really do rely on our camper's imaginations. Somehow it all comes together to work).

I'd like to discuss a few honors awarded during last week's post overnight camp meeting.

Here you see me in true form with an enthusiastic smile. This is a miracle in itself considering my serious lack of sleep on any given overnight camp. You'll also notice the well groomed hair, dusted with a perfect combination of black and gray to deliver a properly distinguished look.
Oh, and I'm giving Nicole her 5 year service pin. Good work Nicole.

In this picture you see me acting as if I was caught off guard by the snapping of the photograph. All done in jest to illicit laughter from the staff and volunteers. Of course my attention to the camera instead of the sharp end of the pin and the tightening of the lanyard, may have resulted in a small puncture wound and rash around the subject's neck - but again, all done in good fun for the camera.
Oh, that's Brittney also receiving her 5 year service pin. Good Job.

Here I am standing in the background looking over the results from the surveys taken at the end of the Overnight Camp. My time on stage is always cut short by these honors which, at times, results in a shortage of patience on my part. Not to worry though because isn't it all about the staff and campers? Who am I anyway? I'm just someone that is modest to a fault, always thinking of others.
By the way, that's Dave awarding Mason his Phoenix pin. Good Job Mason

That's my elbow seen edging into the picture on the left. Notice how I stay out of the picture, again always seeking to draw attention away from myself and onto my awesome volunteers and staff. Some ask how I've been able to achieve so much, yet remain such a humble man who shuns attention. It hasn't been easy, considering the sheer volume of my awesomeness. I have to constantly force charisma into the recesses of my being, but I do it day in and day out. "I'm a natural emotional wonder," I like to say to myself.
Oh, that's Emily awarding Mason his Odyssey Pin. Good Job Mason.

I won't say another word. Modesty insists.


P.S. All kidding aside, Congratulations to Brittney and Nicole for reaching the 5 year mark at the Space Center. What outstanding young ladies and valuable members of our flight teams. We really have the best employees and volunteers in Utah County. They are a privilege to work with because their awesomeness makes my life as director much easier.
Excelling work Mason for two ship passes. An example to all the volunteers.
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