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Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday. Happy for Some. The Long Arduous March for Others....

Hello Troops,
The cold getting you down? Do you find yourself staring out the window wondering if its worth the bother of getting dressed and braving the slippery roads? Depressed over the fact that you'll get to see your favorite teacher at school today, you know the one, Miss Sarcasm - who graduated from the University of Southern North Dakota at Whoople in 1909 and kept alive by copious amounts of coffee laced with formaldehyde.

Remember, you've always got a friend as close as the nearest tree. Perhaps the Tree Huggers and Hippies had it right all along. Honestly, there is something soothing in a long standing tree. It's a kind of permanence in an ever changing world. We enjoy the tree's shade. We enjoy its colors, so why not give one a hug and tell it your troubles (just be sure there isn't anyone around that knows you when you do).

And now, a bit of science thrown into the pot. Get it?

You know me and my love for the absurd ladened with imagination. Yep, this one is just what the doctor ordered.

And finally for Friday. Let's take a peek into Snape's email account and see what he's been reading.


It's been a fun week at the Center. Tonight we end it by hosting students from Sego Lily Elementary for the Overnight Camp, add in several private missions on Saturday and that will wrap up the week.

Thanks to the staff for their hard work and to our visitors for coming and spending their hard earned money on our programs. Remember, the Space Center doesn't receive a yearly budget. We have to raise our money the old fashion way - we must earn it.

Mr. W.

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