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Friday, January 7, 2011

It's Friday. What a Happy Day.

Hello Troops,
Our first Friday back from the Christmas Holiday. Highland Elementary students will be attending our overnight camp. Tomorrow is the January Super Saturday. Fun and excitement all around. Let's get this weekend off to a great start.

By the way, when is the last time you attended a Space Center program? Perhaps its time to book a Super Saturday or private mission. Don't forget a summer camp. Summer camp registration begins in two weeks.

Are we ready for a few items from the Imaginarium......

Hogwart's Approved Game Consoles

I've always wondered about those Hufflepuff kids. What criteria does the sorting hat use to select a Hufflepuff? The mental picture I get of a Hufflepuff is someone soft and cuddly. I'm wondering if Mrs. Weasley was a Hufflepuff. Did we ever get to meet a Hufflepuff in the movies. Perhaps we didn't because they were the ones that never came out of the library....

Here's an idea of something creative to do the next time its snows. Surprise everyone on your block. Go out and turn all the parked cars into something from Cars. You'll be the talk of the town.

This next one cannot be true. They forgot something..... duct tape.
OK, this is for all of you out there that love the British sitcom "The IT Crowd". It is awesome and has Mr. Williamson's seal of approval (although it would be rated PG if it were a film so perhaps not for the youngest in the home. The Brits can be a bit 'off color' at times with their humor). Any more of you "IT Crowd" fans out there?

And from the "Why didn't I think of this when I built my house" Department... It is the ultimate 'get away' room.

And finally, The Pirate Crossword Puzzle.

OK Troops, you've had your fun. Time to strap on your gear and head into the trenches. There be ignorance to conquer in all it forms today.

Remember, use use your imagination or lose it. Do something creative today, even something as simple as driving a different way to work, or be really daring and instead of that Diet Coke, how about a Diet Dew! What about brushing your teeth with your opposite hand, or ordering something from your favorite fast food stop that you've not tried before. Think of the endless possibilities.

Have a Great Day and I hope to see you soon at the Space Center.

Mr. W.

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Anonymous said...

here is my time to be a Harry Potter nerd. Ravenclaw are the very smart people of hogwarts (other than Hermione cause she is special that way) and Hufflepuff are the leftovers that none of the other houses wanted... But I have heard they are very good finders.