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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's Wednesday at the Imaginarium

Hello Troops,
We are well into the thick of it at the Space Center. It's day 3 since we all returned to school and work. The staff seems to have adjusted back into the cycle of get up, work, school, bed. The simulators are behaving as expected except for a few glitches. The Galileo put me in a foul mood yesterday. Foul moods dampen my usual cheery disposition. The amp didn't come on so the ship had no sound. Perfect timing too, the field trip was ready to fly A Diet Coke Zero brought me out of it (whoops, the secret's out. The way to pull Mr. W. happy out of a foul mood is a Diet Coke Zero served at exactly 33 degrees. A box of Whoppers has been know to help as well).

We've enjoyed telling Midnight Rescue for the past couple days. It makes a nice change from endless tellings of Perikoi. It's the variety that makes it survivable.

By the way, the summer camp schedule is almost ready to be posted, I worked on it yesterday. Be sure to sign up for summer camp.

OK, how about a few items from the Imaginarium to get your Wednesday off to a good start. I've got a few examples for you today.

We start with this...

Yep, I admire the attitude displayed in this picture.

Everyone wears this "I'm completely normal and I'm cool," front so they can better fit in with the crowd they want to hang with. That is normal. We all want to be part of a tribe, but what are you like when there isn't a soul around to impress? Yes, yes..... The sign is right isn't it? You've got your weird ways like everyone else. Just to let you in on a secret; its that peppering of weird that makes you, YOU. It's what the people that know you best, like about you. So, let the real you out once in awhile for an airing. It will do your soul good.

By the way, are you as sick of winter as this snowman? I was fed up with winter last Tuesday. I drove to Harts to pick up my morning Diet Dew and Snack Wells. I found my car door's lock frozen when I returned to my car. The automatic unlock button stopped working a year ago so I was stuck. I wasn't wearing a coat which made matters worse. A jacket wasn't very effective in the 15 degree weather. Five minutes of shivering and working the lock finally opened the door. I was in a foul mood. Winter is officially scratched off my favorite seasons list.

And finally, something from Lego that shows real imagination.

Have a good day and I'll see you at the Space Center. Make it sooner rather than later.

Mr. W.

P.S. Cloverdale's Bookmobile is coming to your street. Click here to look at the new titles.

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