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Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday at the Center

We're Back for Another Week.
Some alert and aware.
Others exist in a twilight zone of consciousness, afflicted by stupors of thought

Hello Troops,
It's Monday at the Space Center. Amazing how that happens every seven days.
We've got a busy week with field trips, after school field trips and private missions. This weekend we host 45 students from Sego Lily Elementary School.

Our overnight camp went well. The Highland kids were generous in their scores. I'd like to congratulate the Voyager for taking top honors. Good work Jon Parker and his staff. They flew Canada. The Magellan came in a very close second.

I want to congratulate Erin W. for earning her One Year of Volunteer Service Pin. The pin was awarded during our End of Camp meeting in Discover on Saturday. Erin is an awesome volunteer. By the way, please ignore the cheesy smile. I only get a few hours of sleep on overnight camps, and by 10:30 A.M. Saturday I'm on my 27th working hour (having started at 7:00 P.M. Friday morning), so anything I do on Saturdays is done on mental fumes only. Real coherent thought eludes me until Sunday morning.

The Super Saturday also went well. We were all anxious to get home though. It was a busy week back from the holiday vacation.

How about a few items from the Imaginarium to start the week off right?

Look at the sticker in the window, then look at the license plate. Get it? My "Earth was Visited by Ancient Astronauts" friends will (its a TV show that really stretches the theory that man's development throughout history was the direct result of alien intervention).

The perfect place for your iphone. Yes, you'll be the talk of the school. Be sure to wear your Wranglers and cowboy boots. Oh, and a nice western cut plaid shirt will top it all off perfectly.

What a great logo for a band of Space Pirates. Too bad everyone recognizes the source. Curse you Star Wars..

And finally, an add from when I was a youngster. Didn't care too much about cavities back then did we?

Hope to See you Soon in the Trenches!
Mr. Williamson
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